GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot Phase 3

These pages support collaboration among participations in phase 3 of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.

List of Responses to the AIP-3 CFP

Summary Table of Responses to Sessions

Kickoff Pages

Collaboration Logistics - hints and tricks

AIP-3 Engineering Reports

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AIP-3 News

  • Demo Videos Due Tuesday, October 5 Demo videos are due to Mark Buehler by October 5 and should also be uploaded to YouTube before then so that as many participants (and their friends and relatives...) can ...
    Posted Sep 28, 2010, 9:12 AM by Joshua Lieberman
  • Data Quality Issues Issues of data quality documentation and propagation have been discussed in the last two E2E telecons here and here. One action is to look at including a queryable data quality ...
    Posted May 24, 2010, 8:10 AM by Joshua Lieberman
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Plenary Events ‎- Time in UTC or GMT w/o DST)‎

 Scenario Areas

 Water Quality & Drought
 Disaster Management
 Air Quality & Health
 Biodiversity & Climate Change

 Functional Areas

 Data Harmonization
 Data Sharing
 Engineering Use Cases

Cross References between Functional Activities "Use Cases" and Scenarios

 Use Cases \ Scenarios
 Disaster - Flood  Water - Drought  Water - Quality  Energy - Solar PV
 BioClim -
Register Resources

Deploy Resources

Harvest / Query via Clearinghouse

Search for Resources

Present Services and Alerts

Interact with Services

 Exploit Data Visually and Analytically

 Construct and Deploy Workflow   

Test Services

 Register New Interoperability Arrangements

 Semantic Mediation
 User Identification
 Data Licensing
 Sensor Tasking & Integration
 Collaboration & Linking

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